Stop false negatives in your analysis of environmental pollutants

Pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other emerging contaminants in water, air, and soil can have toxic biological effects.

When public health and safety are at stake, Agilent can help you screen for suspect contaminants in environmental and biological matrices. Our GC/Q-TOF and LC/Q-TOF systems and data mining tools provide outstanding SPEED TO RESULTS without compromising data quality or spectral resolution.

Safety matters, can you really afford a false negative?

When protecting public health and safety is your charge, depend on Agilent’s proven end-to-end solutions for screening suspect coSPEED TO RESULTS; reducing the potential for false negatives.

Analytical engines: GC/QTOF and LC/QTOF—provide separation and spectral resolution to help positively identify chemical contaminants and avoid false negatives

Data Mining Tools: MassHunter, MassProfiler Professional Software, and extensive Personal Compound Database Libraries—provide quick and efficient cross system data evaluation to facilitate accurate identification of target and suspect chemical contaminants

Expertise: SCREENING, EXPOSOMICS, TRANSCRIPTOMICS, METABOLOMICS, PROTEOMICS—helps you with experimental design, sample preparation, analytical method development, data mining and ongoing system performance

Exposure to pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other emerging contaminants in air, water, and soil presents significant risks to the global community, driving research to identify the scope and origin of these pollutants.

These resources will help you characterize biologically and chemically relevant contaminants in environmental matrices through suspect and non-targeted mass spectrometry screening.

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