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Chromatography software Plasma

To allow coherent and smooth integration of the Agilent 7700 and 7500 Series ICP-MS with chromatography instrumentation, turn to Agilent Technologies' Plasma Chromatographic Software (Plasma Chrom). Created by Agilent, this optional software features effective and dynamic integration, calibration and quantification capabilities for conducting chromatographic data. It is fully integrated into the ICP-MS MassHunter and ChemStation…
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Data acquisition system for chromatograph OpenLAB CDS

OpenLAB Chromatography Data System (CDS) ChemStation Edition can easily deal with the broadest range of separation techniques in the CDS market, including GC, LC, CE, SFC, LC/MS, and CE/MS and represents a large revision of the industry-standard Agilent ChemStation. It is designed to allow a flexible workflow that provides large benefits for the entire production…
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Data acquisition system for chromatograph Galaxie Workstation 1.9x

The Galaxie WS 1.9x Software by Agilent Technologies is the ideal software to utilize in the environmental industry field, the pharmaceutical field, as well as the petrochemical field. The Galaxie WS 1.9x Software uses a complete system of chromatographic information administration for independent as well as client server functions. The software features an automated interface,…
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Data acquisition/analysis software for ICP-OES spectrometer ICP Expert II

Powerful ICP Expert II Software for the 710 Series and 720 Series spectrometers offer a variety of flexible productivity and performance enhancements that significantly improve your ICP-OES analyses. The user friendly worksheet-based software provides guidance through wizards and comprehensive multimedia tools. Features Fitted Background Correction (FBC) which simplifies method development. Go to the Agilent Technologies…
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