Portfolio Category: Liquid Chromatography

Liquid chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer (LC/MS) 1260 Infinity HPLC-Chip/MS

When it comes to Low Flow Liquid Chromatography (simply LC) Systems, Agilent Technologies' 1260 Infinity HPLC-Chip/MS System provides just as high performance quality as any of the other LC systems out there today. This micro-fluidic, chip-based technological mechanism, reusable device uses its features and specifications for highly sensitive nanospray LC/MS. This is the optimal device…
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Fraction collector for HPLC max. 100 l/min | 1260 Infinity

The 1260 Infinity Micro-fraction Collection/Spotting System is capable of collecting small fractions in 96 and 384 wellplate format, Eppendorf tubes and vials. It is optimized for capillary and nanoflow rates (100 nl/min to 100 l/min).The 1260 Infinity Micro-fraction Collection/Spotting System can quickly and reliably spot nanoliter amounts onto MALDI targets from all major vendors with…
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Solvent delivery module for liquid chromatograph 0.01 – 800 ml/min | PrepStar SD-1

Solvent flow rates must be accurate and reproducible in order to achieve high quality HPLC separations. The Agilent SD-1 Solvent Delivery Module is able to meet these exacting requirements due to its software-controlled independent piston design. A pressure transducer is incorporated in each pump head which provides instant flow and pressure feedback to the drives…
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