Nanoflow pump for HPLC system max. 2.5 ml/min | 1260 Infinity

The 1260 Infinity Nanoflow Pump employs a distinctive solvent liberation skill for flows in terms of nanoliter per minute. It is perfect for elevated resolution partitions and elevated sensitivity detection of multiple sclerosis, such as nano-electro-spray proteomic tests. The nanoflow pump is equipped with Electronic Flow Control with lively response and concurrent flow tuning. Electronic Flow Control is the gold standard for strong and dependable nanoflow presentation. Through precise and specific flow and incline presentation, this pump offers reliable and reproducible preservation times and outstanding flow and incline presentation for steady ion production, which is necessary for elevated sensitivity nano-spray multiple sclerosis performance. An adaptable pump system, the 1260 Infinity Nanoflow Pump can as well be organized to transport standard Liquid Chromatography flow rates equal to 2.5 ml per minute.

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