Liquid chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer (LC/MS) 1260 Infinity HPLC-Chip/MS

When it comes to Low Flow Liquid Chromatography (simply LC) Systems, Agilent Technologies’ 1260 Infinity HPLC-Chip/MS System provides just as high performance quality as any of the other LC systems out there today. This micro-fluidic, chip-based technological mechanism, reusable device uses its features and specifications for highly sensitive nanospray LC/MS. This is the optimal device when it comes to molecule evaluation and proteomics, thanks to its simple and highly perceptive operation, as well as its complete assimilation of connectors and columns. And if its rugged processing power is still not enough, it is made even more efficient and effective, when combined with some of Agilent Technologies’ other devices; one being the 6000 MS systems.

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