Intuvo 9000 GC System

The New Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC system transforms the way users perform GC, opening new paths to higher productivity and better business outcomes. Building on Agilent’s legacy of robustness and performance, Intuvo introduces key enabling technologies that lift existing operational limitations, delivering simplified operation, reduced operating costs, and increased instrument up-time.


  • The Innovative Flow Path provides the ability to completely rethink GC size, connections, and heating.
  • Ferrule-free, click-and-run connections allow any operator, regardless of experience, to make completely leak-free connections.
  • Guard Chips eliminate the need to clip columns by protecting downstream components from contamination. Columns are protected, not just maintained.
  • Direct heating and unique planar column design delivers exceptional heating performance, using only half the space and less than half the power of a conventional air-bath GC.
  • Smart ID Keys attached to critical flow path components provide information such as configuration and column age.
  • Intelligent troubleshooting routines diagnoses problems in the system and provide a step-by-step solution guide. No more time-consuming troubleshooting.
  • The perfect GC for use with 5977B, 7000D, and 7010B mass spectrometer systems.
  • OpenLAB CDS and MassHunter software provides a familiar operating environment for all GC and GC/MS applications.
  • Compatible with the complete range of autoinjectors, including 7693A and 7650A for liquid injections, and 7697A for dedicated headspace analyses.

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