Headspace sampler for gas chromatography 111 vial capacity | 7697A

Headspace sampling allows automatic and direct introduction of volatile compounds into a GC or GC/MS, from almost any sample matrix. 

The Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler features the most advanced technology in headspace gas chromatography. With a capacity of 111 vials and three 36-vial racks, it is perfect for high throughput labs. The racks are exchangeable during the operation of the headspace sampler. 

The 7697A features electronic pneumatic control. This results in the GC systems delivering unrivaled chromatographic performance and most accurate results in the industry. 

The sampler uses the architecture of the widely-accepted 7890A GC and 7693A ALS product lines, thereby surpassing the requirements of most advanced laboratories.

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