Gas chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer (GC/MS) 5977A series

With the 5977A MSD expect quality results, time saving and the assurance of business continuity that can guarantee your huge success. The 5977A MSD gives a innovative, highly sensitive Extractor Ion Source for higher Signal-to-Noise and a statistically based, low-femtogram Instrument Detection Limit. With these remarkable functions makes it is compatible with the new 7890B GC. Some of its excellent features includes an Extractor Ion Source, a Heated Gold Quadrupole, a Triple-Axis Detector, a GCMSD MassHunter with MSD ChemStation Data Analysis and a Programmable Helium Conservation Module. It also includes an Integrated GC-MSD Communication that permits the 7890B GC and 5977A MSD to continuously “talk” and understand each other. It includes sleep and wakeup mode that helps you lower your power cost by 40%.

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