Gas chromatograph 7890B GC

Thanks to over 40 years of experience in gas chromatography studies, research, and manufacturing, Agilent Technologies was able to create 7890B GC (complete with Incorporated Intelligence). This device features a direct two-way communication system between the 5977A MSD and itself, enhancing vent times by 40%, as well as securing overall system investment. It delivers an Early Maintenance Feedback feature, reducing overall device downtime, GC calculators maximize means and auto-transfer novel values to the method editor, and Wake/Sleep modes, to minimize gas and power usage. In addition, the 7890B GC also features other interesting and high-quality specifications which contribute to its overall design dominance, such as its Capillary Flow Technology (or simply CFT) which enables the utilization of varied tools, a high-quality electronic and digital pneumatic system, incorporated safety and security specs, and so many more.

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