Fraction collector for HPLC 5 – 100 ml/min | 1260 Infinity Preparative-scale

The Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity Preparative-Scale Fraction Collector is enhanced for laboratories that perform semi-preparative to preparative-scale purification (milligram to gram quantities) with typical flow rates from 5 to 100ml/min. 

It is designed to fit in the modular design of the 1200 Infinity Series, taking up the least amount of benchspace with short tube lengths to reduce peak dispersion. There is a large selection of collection tubes and well plates offered. 

For high-throughput applications, users can unite up to three fraction collectors in a single LC system. An optional 1260 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment offers Peltier cooling for thermally-labile chemical or biochemical samples.

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