Column valve module for HPLC 5975T LTM

Agilent J&W LTM column modules combine a high-quality fused silica capillary column with heating and temperature sensing components for a low thermal mass column assembly. The LTM Column module contains a patented design which heats and cools the column very efficiently for significantly shorter analytical cycle times compared to conventional air-bath GC oven techniques, while simultaneously using less power. 

Agilent offers LTM technology for our popular 6890 and 7890 series GC as well as the new 5975T GCMS. 
Learn more about LTM technology for the 6890 and 7890 series GC 
Learn more about LTM technology for the 5975T GCMS

Go to the Agilent Technologies – Life Sciences and Chemical website for more information

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