Automated dissolution tester 100 – 300 ml | Apparatus 7

The Agilent Reciprocating Holder Apparatus 7 has six rows and each row has seven reciprocating positions with an outer tube of either 100 or 300 mL. The holder is 20 mm in length and has an agitation rate of 5 to 40 dips per minute. For a certain period of time, the dosage form is transferred from one line to the next. It can be controlled to move to a new media row. The dosage can have up to six media alterations. In cases of an increased number of media changes or smaller volumes, 12-position, 12-row configuration with 50 mL vessels or the minimum 25 mL is available.

This apparatus sets the standard for automatic dissolution testing. It is ideal for dosage forms that requires a change of media, smaller volume or more vigorous agitation; for instance, extended release tablets, capsules, transdermals, osmotic pumps and arterial stents.

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