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Auto-sampler for HPLC max. 10 ml | ProStar 410

The 410 Autosampler model of LC injection systems (by Agilent Technologies) provides both raw quality for standard preliminary LC applications, as well as adequacy of researching functions, making it the best choice for work applications concerning preparatory, and analytic injection figures. This model features a Pressure-Assisted Sampling Aspiration (or simply PASA) technological functionality, which introduces pressure inside the vial, all while the specimen is withdrawn by a top-resolution syringe. This results in an airtight, air bubble-less vial vacuum. 

The 410 Autosampler by Agilent handles specimens and samples with volumes which can reach a maximum of 10mL. It can also accommodate varying sizes of sample trays (which come in three different classifications 96×2-mL vials, 84×2-mL vials with three 10-mL vials, or 24×10-mL vials) in a matter of seconds.

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