Opening the door of 7820 GC with OpenLab CDS 2.0 for Non Profit Organizations


The time has come for all of us to think more strategically about the solutions we propose to end users, especially when it comes to opening the door to both short term and long term business opportunities. In short, we aim to have the customers engaged with the Agilent GC platform and, critically, with the current and future software platforms. Herein you will see a promotional venture, aimed at non-profit organizations, which aligns the two ideas. So why the core concept of 7820 GC with Openlab CDS 2?

  1. The 7820 allows a price competitive access point to Agilent GC. If we look carefully at customer needs for analysis, a large proportion can be accommodated on the 7820 platform.
  2. Everyone feels comfortable with Openlab Chemstation – indeed most see it as the default position for GC software sales. But should it be seen as such? In my opinion, no.
  • Openlab Chemstation continues to serve us well but it is not the future vision of instrument software.
  • Openlab CDS 2 is not “just for informatics guys” who require client server set up from day one. Openlab CDS 2 provides Agilent and yourselves with a building block to expand, and importantly, secure future Agilent business.
  • The key is that not only is the Openlab CDS 2 the here, now and future of GC software, but it is scalable with seamless integration. By placing a 7820 with an Openlab CDS 2 workstation in a lab we set the foundation for a satisfied end user with a very acceptable scaling/growth potential.
  • Cost calculations show that the lab only has to have around 6 instrument systems before a client server system becomes economically the best solution – and the good news for Agilent and yourselves is, that for the analyst, migrating from an Openlab CDS 2 workstation to  full client server is seamless and essentially invisible, assuring continuity of analysis and keeping the competitor systems in a difficult position.

The message to you on this promotion is as follows:

– Position as you do the 7820 unit and be confident in its abilities, reliability and performance.

– Position the software on a stop think act basis and lead where possible with Openlab CDS 2.

I remind you that the promotion is valid until Sunday 31st December 2017!

Full details of available discounts, campaign coding etc can be found within the enclosed. Accounts will be screened at point of order to check the non-profit organization status.

Good luck, and as always come back to us with any questions!!!

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