HPLC Method Development

For the experienced chromatographer, this course provides a step-by-step approach to method development.

The course includes all the crucial aspects of method development, including information gathering, mode of chromatography, development of mobile phase systems, column choice, principles of ionisation/suppression, optimisation of important chromatographic parameters (R, α, k’ and N), isocratic and gradient operation and detector choice and optimisation.

Each aspect is discussed in detail with relevant examples used to demonstrate theoretical principles. Chromatographic modelling software-based exercises are included to give further understanding.

  • We recommend that course numbers are limited to 20 so that each delegate gets the opportunity to ask questions and fully participate in tutorial exercises
  • As the training is delivered on-site, we can design the course material to suit your specific needs
  • Customisable written assessments are available if required.

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