BLOG 6Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) occurs in our environment from human sources, including contamination from excreted product of human and animal metabolism or in effluents released by pharmacies, hospitals, and manufacturing industries. Residual concentrations of these chemicals have been reported to be present in industrial effluents discharged into the environment, thereby finding their way into water bodies.

Several research works have been carried out on how to remove PPCPs from waste water. These include photo-transformation, membrane nanofiltration, sedimentation, chlorination, precipitation, adsorption and ozona­tion. From various researches carried out, the adsorption process has been proved to be more effective due its advantages over other techniques, which includes low cost, excellent removal efficiency and its applicability over a large range of adsorbent and adsorbate concentrations.

Therefore, development of an effective adsorptive material for efficient removal of emerging contaminants such as PPCPs from wastewater is of great importance in environmental sciences. Among the various adsorbents, such as mesoporous silica, zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), biomaterials and activated carbon commonly used for adsorptive/removal and separation and purification of contaminants, MOFs have intrinsic characteristics that make them unique and different from the other adsorbents.

MOFs have been used to remove many PPCPs (such as Ammodiaquine, Naproxen and Cloribric acid etc.) due to their important properties. MOFs exhibit many desired characteristics as adsorbents, including exceptionally high surface areas and large cavity sizes for hosting the emerging contaminants (PPCPs).

Agilent’s technologies and instruments can monitor the removal of emerging contaminant such as PPCPs.  An Agilent UV-VIS (Cary 60, Cary 100, Cary 300 and Cary 8453) provides a fully integrated analytical system with extremely high sensitivity.

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