• Automated dissolution tester 100 – 300 ml | Apparatus 7

    Automated dissolution tester 100 –

    The Agilent Reciprocating Holder Apparatus 7 has six rows and each row has seven reciprocating positions with an outer tube…

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  • Automated dissolution tester BIO-DIS

    Automated dissolution tester BIO-DIS

    The Agilent BIO-DIS Reciprocating Cylinder Apparatus is a flexible and easy to configure automated sampling system that is designed to…

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  • Dissolution tester 709-DS

    Dissolution tester 709-DS

    Agilent’s 709-DS Dissolution Apparatus implements competent visibility of the dissolution environment in a bath-free apparatus. It has a Direct Vessel Heating…

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  • Dissolution tester 708-DS

    Dissolution tester 708-DS

    The 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus is a highly accurate standardizing dissolution testing instrument that allows users to choose between manual measurement…

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  • Dissolution tester 400-DS

    Dissolution tester 400-DS

    The Agilent 400-DS Dissolution Apparatus 7 has set the performance standard specifically for small-scale drug-release testing on medical devices like…

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  • Tablet disintegration tester 100

    Tablet disintegration tester 100

    The Agilent 100 Automated Disintegration Apparatus is an efficient, compact and reliable instrument that can test 3 different batches simultaneously.…

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  • Mechanical calibration system for dissolution tester 280-DS

    Mechanical calibration system for dissol

    Mechanical – qualification system from Agilent is capable of revolutionizing the dissolution qualification. This is done by measuring the various…

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  • Multi-cell UV dissolution system Cary 60 Multicell

    Multi-cell UV dissolution system Cary 60

    The Cary 60 Multicell UV Dissolution System is the incorporation of dissolution testing and online UV analysis guaranteeing an independent…

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  • Fiber optic UV dissolution system Cary 60

    Fiber optic UV dissolution system Cary 6

    The Agilent Cary 60 Fiber-Optic UV Dissolution System presents a fiber-optic multiplexer, as well as the award-winning Cary 60 Spectrophotometer…

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  • Multi-cell UV dissolution system 8453

    Multi-cell UV dissolution system 8453

    The 8453 UV Dissolution System by Agilent Technologies is designed and developed as one of the supplement for the diode…

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  • Dissolution sample collector 850-DS

    Dissolution sample collector 850-DS

    The 850-DS Dissolution Sampling Station has shown that it has the best capabilities to centralize laboratory workflow including collection, filtration…

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  • Peristaltic transfer pump 810

    Peristaltic transfer pump 810

    The flexible, bi-directional Agilent 810 Peristaltic Pump has an 8-, 12-, 16-channel capacity for sample transfer in Agilent dissolution sampling…

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