Avoid time-consuming rework with enhanced GC column performance

Using gas chromatography columns that do not provide accurate results can result in rework that reduces productivity. It is therefore essential to use a GC column that gives you stronger signals, sharper peaks, better resolution, and less bleed, to help achieve the right results first time. Repeating or verifying questionable analyses wastes resources, hinders productivity, and can hurt your bottom line. That’s why Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns are thoroughly tested to ensure exceptionally low bleed and consistently high inertness, for optimal delivery of active analytes to the GC or MS detector.

Increased column performance ensures:
The right results the first time for less repetition of suspect analyses
Confident analysis of active compounds
Versatility so that you can do more with the resources you have
Inertness and bleed performance that give your lab a competitive edge
You can avoid rework in your lab by using the correct GC columns to achieve optimized results.

The term ‘bargain’ is applied to all sorts of products. However, a bargain has no value if it creates more work and expense in your laboratory. Using inferior GC columns can harm productivity, loose data, and reduce column life, as identified in a comparison of Agilent J&W with other manufacturers’ GC columns.
The comparison showed that Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns beat the competition, by providing:

The right results the first time for less repetition of suspect analyses
Confident analysis of active compounds
Versatility so that you can do more with the resources you have
Inertness and bleed standards that give your lab a competitive edge
Choose a GC column that ensures low column bleed, consistent selectivity, superior inertness, and high efficiency, with no compromise on quality standards or application support.

As well as ensuring that you have columns of superior quality, it is essential to select the right column for the right application. When the GC flow path is not inert towards active compounds, because the wrong column is used, results can be unreliable. Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns deliver better peak shapes for active compounds.
Learn more about Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns and see how they:

Deliver excellent peak shape and reliability with acidic and basic compounds
Reduce tailing factor
Enhance signal and resolution
Improve recovery of active compounds
The analysis of active compounds by GC continues to be challenging in areas such as pesticides, food, environmental, and drug analysis, due to the continuing trend to reduce detection limits to low nanogram levels. One of the main obstacles to increasing sensitivity in the past was column bleed. Low column bleed reduces detector noise and increases signal-to-noise, improving detection limits. GC column manufacturing techniques have improved to a point where control of the noise generated through column, liner, or septum bleed over defined temperature ranges is routine. With bleed profiles reduced to manageable levels, the next frontier in GC column design is to decrease surface activity so that more analytes reach the sensitive detectors.
Another challenge is to control the interaction of active analytes with the rest of the GC flow path. When an active analyte is introduced, it must travel a flow path through the injector and column to the detector. Active sites in the flow path can selectivity latch on to analytes, degrading peak shapes, or worse adsorb trace analytes completely. Targeting improvements in column, liner, and detector inertness through better surface deactivation is critical to improving analytical performance for these active analytes. Thus, flow path inertness is the next step in achieving better quantification of active analytes and lower detection limits. It will also help realize the full potential of advanced GC and GC/MS instruments such as multidimensional GC, GC-TOF, and GC triple quadrupole MS.
When Ultra Inert columns were compared with existing GC/MS columns, researchers found:

The same selectivity without method redevelopment
The same exceptionally low bleed
Added inertness
Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns set the standard for consistent column inertness and exceptionally low column bleed, resulting in lower detection limits and more accurate data for difficult analytes. Find out more about Ultra Inert GC columns from Agilent to help you avoid time-consuming rework.

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